Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are going to miss summer :(

Can who tell who is who on there matching bikes. Almost every sunday this summer we would take a walk around CSI campus. The boys had a blast riding their bikes around!

I love Bray's big brown eyse. He hated that hat..........sorry bud!

We went to Boise for a couple of days in August and played around. The kids had fun playing at the whale park (this park has a different name which i dont know because it is shaped like a whale and has a spout...............thereforo kenyon called it the whale park!

Every Sunday six newpapers are delivered to our house. Kenyon loves to read the funnies. We would eat breakfast out on the patio in the morning!!!

I am going to miss garage sales! My patio table I picked up for $30.00............LOVED that deal!!!

Mike has had some great times with his moped. Each summer he is sad to put it away!!!