Thursday, May 29, 2008

Six failed attempts!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If you dont like needles look the other way!

I have been a full time mommy for quite sometime now. I love spending my days with my two little guys. I hope the days of hugs and kisses from them will never end. Even though they keep me soooo busy it is healthy for a mom to have something of her own. Since, I have had my kids I have been interested in the medical field but where to start???? I have two little babies who I did not want to feel pushed side because there mom could not be settled in the present. How does a woman find the balance between her personal goals and her family.

When I finished the phlebotomy course in the fall it started a flame for me. It inspired my to keep pushing to complete the nursing program. I know I am on the right path for myself and my family. The older I get, I understand the person I want to become and what lesson I want my children to learn. It is important for my to obtain an eduction. I don't feel like i can push my kids in that direction if I don't achieve it myself.

Who knows when I will be able to get into the nursing program? Between kids, more babies to come and my job & Mikes job ............who knows?

Now that I have told a long story, here is a picture of me in action drawing my brothers blood. You cant tell from the picture but about 30 seconds after it was taken Brett passed-out. I am not joking! He does not do well with blood or needles. I felt bad but he handled it well. I love him for being my experiment.

Kenyon's new look!

Kenyon is starting to show interested in his personal look. Which is funny he would care because as soon as I open the front door he is covered in dirt. He picked his clothes and dressed himself and come down stairs SOOOOOO PROUD of his self. I loved his new look but it got even better when I brought the camera out. I would like to say I helped with this pose but it was all him. Pay close attention to the foot pop and the placement of the arm. This kid crackes me up!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dylan the Gourmet Cheif.......Maybe!!!

I work quite a bit in the evenings so Mike has got the role down of Mr. Mom pretty well. I usually have dinner ready when Mike gets home in the evening but somtimes they depend on P&J's. One night I came home to find Mike in the kitchen making dinner with little Dylan by his side. Whenever Mike does the dishes he wears his denim apron. Dylan looked so grow up and no longer our baby it pained me. I love to see him grow into his little self. Mike said he never tried to take the apron and stood on that chair for almost an hour. He just played and ate his food. Maybe we have a Chief in our future........we will see!

Kenyon did it. He is potty trained!!!

It took sometime and some clever thinking to get him potty trained but we did!!!!!!!! Kenyon loves Thomas the train so I used it to my advantage. If he would go potty twice in the toliet he would get a train. Over a two week period he collected almost 80 trains and then sum. Those of you who have ever purchased Thomas trains are probably doing the math in your head of the cost but thank goodness for EBAY!!! I bought them all from a woman who did not know what she was selling for only $40.00. Sooo for two dollars a train we got the job done! We gathered then all together to show them off. Great Job Kenyon!