Friday, October 31, 2008

Big News! Our adoption is Final.

We have a final date for our adoption. On November 13 we go before a judge and sign legally for our Braylon. We have been waiting four months for this day to come. What a journey our family has been on. I don't think I have ever been this emotional drained. Even though we have had some struggles he is so worth it. Braylon has brought so much love into our family I cant wait to see what the years have to bring us. Everyone who meets this little boy cant help but love him!

The adoption will be final for Mike and I when we can take our family to the temple and have our little Braylon sealed to our family. I can not wait to have my whole family in the temple. For one day we will have a taste of heaven all dressed in white. My little boys will be able to feel and see what the temple has to offer them. I can not wait to share this experience with them.

Many thanks are in order. Thank to our family who never questioned our choice and welcomed Braylon in. Our parents have played a large part in helping Mike and I anyway they could. We love you so much! Thank you to friends who have brought yummy dinners and diapers for the babe. We still have not yet bought diapers for our 4 month old. Thank you for taking that pressure off our budget. A quick thank you to Laura Allen. She is my running buddy and good friend. We are training to run a half marathon together in Janaury. She has picked the pieces up many times for me. She has let me cry as I need it on our runs. Thank you Laura you are much better than thearpy (cheaper too:)!!!!). Thank you must go to Nicke Cutlure also. Her back ground as a social work came in very useful to us. We needed it as weed through different lawyers and adoption agencies. Many phone calls were made to Nicke those first few weeks. I have a cell phone bill to prove it (money well spent)!!! Thanks Nick!!!! We are surround by the best family and friends. We love you!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Sweet Cheeks!

The first day we had Braylon Kenyon asked me if we could bring sweet cheeks home with us. The name has stuck with him. As you can see, Braylon fits right into our family. We are so crazy about this little guy. He is a wonderful baby.

Braylon is kissed on endlessly. We can not help ourselves he is just too cute!

He likes to sleep with his hands above his head. In fact, I know he is going to sleep for at least three hours if he is in this spot. I thank my good friend Marie for lending me her baby swing.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What has Dylan been up too!!

Dylan loves art projects. I picked up these cute pumpkin masks. The kids had a blast painting them!

Dylan can not get enough of Kenyon! He loves spending time with his brothers. They had the best time making Carmel apples.

Yard work is a big project for our family. Everyone has a job to ease up the load. The boys responsibility is to pick up the walnuts from our walnut tree. They moan and groan but the have fun.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kenyon first day of pre-school!

Pre-school has been a new pace for Kenyon. His two favorite things are his friends and art time. Kenyon is a busy guy and I wish I could glue his bum to his seat. He will not sit still in school. He gets up at least 10 to 12 times fora potty break in two hours. Kenyon and I are both working on our patience. I know you can do better Kenyon. I am cheering for you!