Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am Head-oVer-hEEls, CrAZy, mAd in LoVE with CouPOns!

Here is my Albertson's run last night! I bought..........

  • 10 Jet-puffed marshmallows
  • 2 oreo's
  • 3 peaches
  • 8 jars beechnut baby food
  • 6 bottle of Nesquik
  • 2 six packs of Nestle water
  • 2 disposable cameras
  • 4 gallons of milk

For a grand total 52.96..............I paid 3.02!!!!! I wish I could say I just walked into Albies they had everything already 80%. I used 28 coupon! I did 4 transactions at the register! I spent about at least 1 hour getting ready (maybe two, I like to be organized).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our trip to the Springs over the 4th!!!

I am crazy about my Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenyon Loved driving the four wheelers!

Dylan had the cutest smile in this picture!

This is a big gun at the park in Soda Springs

Kenyon and my Bro!
My Sweet Grandma mom's mom! She is very specail to me.

My boys dont get to see her very often so I was glad we made the trip

Braylon melted her heart but he doest that to everyone!

We went to the Logan Zoo!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Roasted mallows, bike rides & playing in the lake = guy time!!!

Our family went camping up north towards Redfish Lake! The lake is beautiful there! I was able to relax and enjoy my sweet boys and wonderful husband.

Camping is a blast for the boys..............They get to stay up passed their bed time and eat junk food before bed. Kenyon calls this "Guy Time"!!!!!

He was a good sport most of the way but he just couldnt stay wake any longer.

Brayon is a snuggle bug and everyone in our family likes to get in on the action!!!!

Mike and Dylan goofing around! I love this pic!!!!

One of my best buddies Amber Nyman and her darling little girl!

Swimming at Easley's Hot Spring. They water is warm and relaxing!

Super Kenyon!

Dylan loves to ride his bike!

The the last couple of years we have a tradition of camping up north with the Nyman' s and Greave's family. We have such a great time every year and this year was no different. The kids rode there kids and roast marshmallows. I spent most of my mornings on the beach while the kids played. Mike's phone had no cell services so he was not bothered by work. It was just what are family needed.