Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hinckley Challenge

The passing of our dear Prophet as left me to think of my own life. When I look back over his 97 years here on earth I am taken away by his accomplishments. I think of the steps I take in my daily life to better myself, and I definitely can see room for improvment sooo...... I am taking on the Hinckley Challenge to read the book of morman in 97 days. The challenge started on Feb 4th and ends May 10th so I am slightly behind. I love to read so I am going to dig in and finish this goal.
I hope to gain two things from this, one a better understanding of the Book of Morman and the stories in it. Two, I hope to become closer to our Savior, who has given me so much and give little back to him. To any one else who could find room for improvement in their own lifes take on the Hinckley Challenge go to

Friday, February 15, 2008

Today is our 7th year Anniversary and counting.......

Mike and I have been together for seven years now. It is amazing how quickly time goes by not even realizing it. I am gratful for the life we have created together. Our home is always full of laughter and love. Our two little boys can not wait till five for Mike to come home and play their version of kiss tag!!! Mike always brings a warm laid back vibe to our home. I am so glad he is mine!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am not a good blogger!

I have done a poor job keeping up on our blog. The idea behind it is to keep our family and friends update on our lives. I will do a better job! Things are always moving forward for us. Life is different from day to day with two little guys. Our baby, Dylan, has learned how to express him self with words. I love watching my kids achieve new things but Dylan learned to use the word "no" I admitt, I did an eye roll! I want him to say mama, maybe soon! Kenyon is working on potty training. Someday, Kenyon will say, "Mom I need to go potty." Insteed of hearing "Oh, No Thanks its stuck now." We believe in teamwork, him and I will push forward til' we get the job done (hopfully soon). One thing Kenyon has mastered is his use of his imagination. Two things he likes to do is play dress-up and art projects (which is code for playing with glue). Life is still pretty much a party around here, and we love it.