Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

I saw this clever idea on someone elses blog and I liked it. So the thought is to post pictures that speak for themselves! My boys are always up to something fun so it is!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day Mike!

Our boys are crazy for super hero's. They love superman because he is strong. Batman is awesome because he can fly. But in the eyes of our boys their Dad is the ultimate "Super Hero!" Kenyon and Dylan cant wait for there dad to come home in the evening. They love to do anything with him. Mike enjoys boating, riding the lawn mower and camping with them. They know if they walk past him they are going to get kissed.
Our house is blessed with a special Dad! I am grateful my boys have a wonderful role model to look up too! I hope they are just like him when they men! We love you Mike..Daddy...Daa!!! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Krazy Cheap Huggies!

Here are the purchases I made last night. If you link onto under "Krazy Cheap Huggies" she explains the math and where to find the coupons. I uses 18 coupons and make 2 trips to K-mart. Total was $199.76 I paid $55.43. K-mart has a large stock of huggies so there are plenty.

  • 14 packs of Huggies (3.50 a pack)
  • 2 packs pull-ups (thinking ahead)
  • huggies Lotion
  • 2 packs Pedia Sure Nutri-Pals
  • huggies wipes
  • 5 jars Gerber baby food
  • 3 Finger Foods
  • 1 Gerber puffs
  • 3 water bottles
  • 4 Graduates dinners
  • plus, a $14.00 Catalina to use later

Sorry this is only half of the purchase. I forgot to take a picture of the rest but you get the idea!

Here are some types I have learned along the way..........

  • First you need to start taking the paper or buy it on Sundays. Our local paper does not have all the insert it is missing the Red Plum and P&G. Normally I buy 5 at the Dollar Tree because they are only a dollar instead of 1.50. Then I collect about 4 more inserts from family and friends. Sometimes I have to buy the Idaho Statesman (Boises paper) but I hate doing that because it is 2.00 a paper so I have kinda found a way around it by ordering coupons on ebay. They are cheap and it is a great way to stock pile.

  • Now your coupons need a home to stay organized. I keep mine in a binder and insert the coupons into baseball card holders. They are clear plastic (you can find them at Target in the baseball card section) insert that clicks into the binder. I have they divided into different categories so they are easy to find. I take the binder every where I go so I never miss a deal!

  • Then I stock my favorite blogs! I have been couponing for almost 2 months now. It is see to see what is a good deal and whats not. I the beginning I just copied the transaction I saw on the blogs till I got the hang of it.
  • Play by the rules. Don't expect stores to bend their rules for you. Don't clear the shelves only take what you need. Be a team player! One bad apple ruins it for the rest of us honest couponers.
  • On Krazy Coupon Lady she has a link tilted "10 days" which will explain more!!!!

There is a whole language and lots to learns but anyone can do this. I would love to help anyone get started. Feel free to ask helps!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

How far does your dollar take you????

I paid 4.20

Total at the register (one trip) was 57.20

Total for the week was 412.63. I paid 62.35!!!!

Now I would love to tell you this was easy and no work or effort involved . I wish I could just walk into Albertson's with everything already 80% off. The truth is I have spent endless time searching my favorite blogs for the deals and . In five days I made seven trips to Albertson's . I used 147 coupons and did 24 transaction at the register . Plus to add some spice I had three big helpers along for each trip!

I paid 32.20

Total at the register was 122.56
(there is a ton of items in is this pic so look close)

I took this picture almost three weeks ago so I dont remember the details on this one but I am sure you get the idea!

Kenyon's graduation!

Kenyon and his teacher Miss Sharon!

We was so cute and fun to watch with his classmates!

Kenyon was glad his Grandma Cathy could be there!

Kenyon graduated from pre-school! He had a wonderful year! Mike and I have
enjoyed watching the progress he has made the last year. Kenyon is very creative and loves to learn! We love you Keno!!!!!!

Our Train Adventure!

Here we are on the train getting ready to start!

Mike and Braylon!

Kenyon loved the trains!

Towards the three hour ride they were ready to get off!

I just love his little smile. He was the best sport!

We got sleepy along the way.

They just hung out and took it all in!

Kenyon getting on the train!

Dylan getting on the train!

Kenyon and his funny face! He was so proud of this bow and arrow he made.

They were so excited to sleep in the trailer it was hard to fall asleep!

Our kids love dress-up! The looked so cute flying around the park!

The middle of May I decided it was time for our family to get away. We decided to take our little guys on a train ride up by McCall. I found an awesome deal on train tickets for Thunder Mountain Train Line in Horseshoe Bend. Our boys love trains and play with them daily so this was huge deal for them. We took our trailer and stayed in Boise at an RV park. The whole trip was centered around the boys. I wanted them to have a weekend were the could decide the pace. They Love It! I am not sure who had more fun the boys or Mike and I enjoying them!!!!!