Friday, May 15, 2009

I ran a 1/2 marathon....What was I thinking!!!!

I am a little behind on posting these pictures. I am sorry! Life with three kids gets tricky. I had a wonderful experience training for my race. I spent almost all fall getting ready for a 13 mile race in January. I trained with my very good friend Laura Allen. We worked hard and followed our training schedule. Nothing good of prepared me for the morning of the race. I was not nervous but about the 3rd mile in I started to hate myself. What was I thinking, 13 miles is crazy! I started to get my confidence back around mile 6 til I was lapped by the elite runners, who only add one mile left.... what a crappy feeling :( But I recharged again and I found strength to keep pushing. I tend to cry when I run. The last 10 months have been up and down for me. I cried the last two miles lost in deep thought of how my life has changed for the better. St. Geogre is beautiful. It was a great run!

It was a wonderful sight to see Mike and the boys at the end!

We talk often about teamwork at our house. How important it is to cheer our family members on (I just love it when Kenyon repeats the good things I tell him and not the bad he sometimes hears!!!!) He was my number one fan cheering me on. Thanks bud ;)

My good buddy Laura. Yes, I felt as bad as I looked!

Here I am at the end. I was crying so hard I could not breath BUT............. my little legs did!

My pictures are not in order. Waiting for the race to start!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Looking back...........

We made pizza one night. He thought this pizza face looked just like be the judge ;) look close for the smilely face.

I love this picture in their mathing Claude Brown attire. We take pride in our family business. Mike is the fourth generation to work there which makes Kenyon the fifth.

Mike is great to keep friday night our date night. He loves to take me out to dinner just the two of us. I will admitt I am quite a bore and would rather go the bed on friday with the boys. Mike is great to keep the spark alive in our marriage. So here we are before we leave for dinner. Kenyon loves it when i dress up. He always tells me I look fabulous! I love him for that!!!!

There faces tell it all! Kenyon and Dylan are best buds. They play well together and fight even better :)

This pic is funny but very cute! Dylan fell asleep here after lunch (you can tell by the crums) . It actully took me a minute to find him.

My ipod and I picked 98lbs of tomatoes last fall for canning. It really

Mike and his good buddy Shawn Hanko went to a Redskin football game last fall. Mike is a huge Redskins fan so this was huge for him!

Last fall I did a large amount of canning. I canned almost 100 jars of tomatoes, 75 jars of applesauce and endless jam. I worked in the afternoon so my babies could sleep. Kenyon played with his train in the "snow" and love it!